We support the following payment methonds:

Transferwise,Worldremit,Western Uion,Bank transfer,Moneygram..Both of these payment methods support:Credit card, debit card,Visa card ,bank debit

*what payment methods i can choose?

1. You can also choose Transferwise :

The following is our transferwise payment information:

Payment link: https://transferwise.com/us/

Full Name: Yong Huang

Country: China

Province: Beijing

City: Beijing

Address: 100 road

Zip Code: 100000

Date of Birth: 1990-06(June)-1st

Email: [email protected] (Must To Write)

Unionpay Card Number: 6216606400006217802

Please write your 'Order Number’ for reference

When you payment,choose currency "CNY" for us to receive the payment please.

After payment, send a screenshot to Coeebags please.

2. You can also choose Western Union:

Please Fulfill The Payment By Click Following Link:


The Payment Will Be Sent To:

First Name: Suying

Last name: Zeng

Country: China

Province: Beijing

City: Beijing

Phone Number: 15172397440

Postal Code: 100000

Address: Hongshan street,bulding A,2805

Bank name:Industrial and commercial bank of China

Unionpay Card Number: 6212251405000428047

Purpose of transaction: General personal transaction

Important Note:

1: Please chooese: Bank Account for Receiver to pick payment.  

2: Recommend to chooese :”Credit card”or “debit card

3: Please send us the payment MTCN #!

4: After payment done, please send us the screenshot

After You Fulfill Payment, Please Email [email protected] or Message whatsappp +85295155199 With MTCN (10 Figures Sent By Western Union)

3. You can also choose Wire transfer :

The following is different bank transfer account for different counrtys coustomers:

This Account only accpet USA customer

Full Name: Lin Deyang

Account: 8336673258

Bank Name: Community Federal Savings Bank

Routing number(ACH or ABA): 026073150

Wire transfer number: 026073008

Bank adress: 810 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10019, United States

This account Only accpet European customers

Full Name: Lin Deyang

IBAN: LT393120023810001354

Bank Name: UAB Paytend Europe


Bank adress: Pamenkalnio st. 25-1, LT-01113 Vilnius, Lithuania

This Account can Accpet customers from anywhere in the world

Full Name: Lin Deyang

IBAN: GB15TCCL04140401580916

Bank Name: The Currency Cloud Limited


Bank adress: 12 Steward Street, The Steward Building, London, E1 6FQ, United Kingdom

Steps of bank transfer,you can do it in cash at your bank agency,Pay by your bank APP or Pay at your bank website.)

Step 1: Decide which company you will use to wire money.

Step 2: Make a list of your information.

Step 3: Fill out the details of receivers bank account infomarion(Leave your order number,but dont leave brand name of the item)

Step 4: Send the payment screenshots to coeebags email:[email protected] or Whatsapp/Imessage:+85295155199