*what payment methods i can choose?

1. You can also choose Transferwise :

The following is Transferwise account information which you can pay according.

Full name: Xuwei Lin

Country: China

Province: Beijing

City: Beijing

Zip Code: 100000

Address: beijing

Date of birth:1996-7(July)-7 

Email: [email protected] (Must To Write)

Unionpay Card Number: 6217856400021863346


(1) Write:'Friend’for reference ’for reference 

(2) Remind Our recipient currency is CNY.

2. You can also choose Western Union:

Please Fulfill The Payment By Click Following Link:


The Payment Will Be Sent To:

First Name: Lirong

Last name: Chen

Country: China

Province: Beijing

City: Beijing

Number: 15172397440

Postal Code: 100000

Address: 100 road

Bank name:Postsaving bank of China

Unionpay Card Number: 6217993900073308896

Purpose of transaction: General personal transaction

Important Note:

1: Please chooese: Bank Account for Receiver to pick payment.  

2: Recommend to chooese :”Credit card”or “debit card

3: Please send us the payment MTCN #!

4: After payment done, please send us the screenshot

After You Fulfill Payment, Please Email [email protected] or Message whatsappp +85295155199 With MTCN (10 Figures Sent By Western Union)

3. You can also choose Bank Transfer :

The following is Bank Transfer account information which you can pay according.

Name: Lin Deyang

Tel:+86 15172397440

Account: 67620166730

Swift Code: BKCHHKHH

Receiver adress:Hong shan street,jiedaokou road,hong kong

Bank Name: Bank of China(Hong Kong)Limited,Hong Kong

Bank address:Bank Of China Tower,Garden Road Central,Hong Kong


(1)Please dont leave any business infomation.

(2)Usually it will take 1 days to confirm your payment.